Vacation/Making a Bouzouki in the Workshop

Greetings from our Workshop! We have just returned from a vacation to the Connecticut shore... We had beautiful weather and the ocean water was a perfect temperature.. Best of all....lots of fishing which made for good eatin'... Great Vacation!  In the Workshop, I have been putting most of my time into making a Bouzouki.... I am making this instrument for singer/songwriter Andy Gullahorn from Nashville, Tennessee.  He is hoping to use this instrument on the "Behold the Lamb" tour this upcoming Christmas season.  Here is a link to his website... This Bouzouki is an Irish Bouzouki which looks like half mandolin, half guitar.  It was originally a Greek instrument and was brought into being in the 60's as an Irish instrument.  Creating a mold for this instrument was the first part of the process... I then began work on the top and back of the instrument.  I like to scrape the tops and backs because it keeps the pores of the wood nice and open.  An advantage to making a handmade instrument is that I have better control over varying thicknesses.  Not to mention the bracing glues up stronger with the open pore wood as well. A favorite part of the process for me is cutting the rosette.  After I scribe the circle, I pull out the wood with my hand router. I use Burrow wood for the inlay. Here, it is just glued in with the inlay.. As you can see, the instrument is starting to take shape... I will keep you posted on the continual process of the Bouzouki as I get farther along.  I look forward to hearing Andy play this instrument in his upcoming tour dates... Hope you all had a good summer and are enjoying the fall! Until next time, Martin    

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