Violin Class #2-Macica Workshop

Hello everyone! Winter is in full swing here in upstate New York….

The ponds are frozen over making a nice skating rink for our children… fishing too!

In the workshop, I just finished up class #2 of the Violin Making course with the Northeastern Woodworkers Association.

Last weeks homework was to carve the corner blocks and to sharpen all tools.  That accomplished, we began this class with gluing the sides to the corner blocks.

The mold serves as an outline for the violin.  We spent time learning how to scrape the sides down to the right thickness.

Next, we learned how to bend the sides to fit the mold…

Its good to see the students smiling and enjoying themselves!

All of them seem very intent on learning.

It seems that all the students are enjoying using their hand tools.  I think they are finding it quite rewarding and efficient to work with hand tools when they are truly sharp and adjusted correctly.

I think using the Hyde glue is a big hit also!

Nice work guys!  I will soon be giving you the updates on the three mandolins that are coming along….

Until then…..Stay warm.





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