The Macica Workshop

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Each Macica Mandolin and Macica Violin is of the highest caliber and workmanship. Using only the finest quality seasoned European and Adirondack solid spruce and maple, they are carefully hand-carved, shaped and graduated to exacting specifications by skilled, experienced and meticulous craftsmanship. All of my instruments are master-craft one-of-a-kind instruments from the sole maker.

A good maker is one who can not only make an instrument look good but sound great as well. The key to making a good sounding instrument is keeping the wood where it needs to be and lessening it where it does not need to be; knowing the relationship of weight, density, and mass constantly playing off each other. I consider myself somewhat of an acoustician, in the sense that I can produce the individual sound and play-ability that each musician needs. Therefore, I can create a mandolin or violin of any model that is conducive to your exact playing style and specifications; one that will be a pleasure for you to play.


Martin Macica (..Pictures below of Life at the Shop…)

Maker of Fine Stringed Instruments

Life at the Shop

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